Course curriculum

    1. Trailer - Psychology of Negotiation

    2. Short intro to the course.

    3. Awesome guests in our seminar:

    4. EY slides from Andreas

    5. (Student) job offers in procurement or negotiation:

    1. About the course

    2. What negotiation is

    3. Two strategic vectors in negotiations

    4. Recent trends that exacerbate the need for negotiations in business

    5. Human shortcomings when it comes to negotiating

    6. Negotiation myth busting

    1. Understanding the impact of discounts

    2. Understanding customer satisfaction via the Kano Model

    3. Understanding your negotiation position via the Kraljic Matrix

    4. Tool: Develop your own career positioning

    5. One more thing: The compounding logic

    1. The crucial role of target points, reservations points, and BATNA’s

    2. ZOPA. The zone of possible agreements.

    3. How to determine your target and reservation points?

    4. A word of psychological advice on how to navigate between target and reservation point

    1. From positions to preferences

    2. Personality of the other party

    3. The hidden table

    4. Tool: How to draw an all party map

    5. Power and perspectives not taken

    6. How to find out about the other party?

    7. Tool: Creating a profile from social media

    8. Direct ways of assessment

    9. Tool: Active Listening

    1. Preparing for the negotiation - The situation

    2. Tool: Negotiation Cheat Sheet

About this course

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  • 5 hours of video content