Course curriculum

    1. On my thesis supervision at KLU

    1. How you should structure your thesis.

    2. What is a relevant gap in the literature? (that your thesis should address)

    3. What (puzzle) are you working on?

    4. What research methodology should you chose?

    5. Some general tips for how you should write academic papers.

    6. How you should structure your abstract.

    7. Some very helpful (AI) tools that can support you (a lot!)

    8. Things you should generally know about the issues of correlation, causation, mediation, moderation, and moderated mediation.

    9. Things you should know when you use experiments or surveys as your methodology.

    10. Things you should know when you conduct your research online.

    11. Things you should know when you work with Big Data as your methodology.

    12. Generally, mind your visual representations.

    13. Things you probably want to know about my grading.

    14. KLU Master Thesis Evaluation Form

    1. BONUS: YouTube: Use Google Scholar for academic research: Google Scholar search tips & tricks

    2. BONUS: YouTube: Avoiding plagiarism

    3. BONUS: YouTube: How to use Zotero (Beginner's guide)

    4. BONUS: YouTube: How to conduct an experiment

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